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Town of St. Pauls

Parks & Recreation

The Town has Sugar Park that is located between Hooks Community Building on N. 3rd Street and the Scout Hut that is located on N. 4th Street. 

The St. Pauls Regional Park 625 E. Blue Street is owned by the Town but leased by Robeson County to operate it.  It has two baseball/ softball fields.  The County uses the fields for baseball and softball. Normally there is a summer Adult softball league that starts after June 15th.  County baseball is provided for T-ball (5-6 year olds), Coach Pitch (7-8 year olds) and youth baseball for ages 9-12).  Babe Ruth has a level for the middle school age students (13-14 year olds).  The County uses the outfields for youth football.  I am not sure about soccer.  The County uses the middle school gym to do youth basketball in the winter from January to March.


The park also has the only public swimming pool in Robeson County that the county uses in summer for its summer camps to visit. There is also a dog park at this park.

There is a park at N. 5th Street that has basketball courts

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