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The Town of St. Pauls, North Carolina government is composed of many departments, boards, committees and individuals responsible for the everyday operations and services that the community expects and deserves.  Within each of these departments are any number of individuals whose responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of their departments, interacting with the public, maintenance and any other requirements to properly function.  


From the Mayor's office down, each department runs as a distinct entity reporting to the elected officials of the Town of St. Pauls, NC.

Vision Statement

The Town of St. Pauls will be:


An attractive Town, where downtown buildings and infrastructure are integrated and appealing, and is pedestrian-friendly.


An economically revitalized and sound central location, supported by a good transportation system and a well-educated and

highly-qualified workforce.


A safe place to live and work, resulting from caring and concerned citizens, augmented by a qualified and professional police force.


A place with cultural events, such as a folk arts festival, that attracts locals and non-locals year-round.


A town of ethnically and culturally diverse citizens, living in harmony, enhanced by culturally-diverse activities.


A promoter of a tourist-friendly environment, that invites, informs and leaves a positive impression, attracting tourists to return.


A Town offering a wide variety of recreational opportunities for any interest.


A Town of leaders with vision, attentive to the needs of citizens.


A holistic community that provides for all the needs of citizens, thereby allowing them to live and flourish here.

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