Domino’s Pizza announces job openings

Domino’s Pizza is preparing to open a new location here in St. Pauls, at 350 S. Fifth Street in the Piggly Wiggly Shopping Center, and needs staffers for all positions.

Applications for employment there are now being accepted. You can pick up yours at the St. Pauls Public Library at 223 W.  Broad Street or at the Piggly Wiggly Supermarket.

You should return your completed application January 13 through January 15 from 1 pm until 3 pm at the Domino’s Pizza restaurant. When you do, make sure to bring two forms of ID. You can also apply on-line at www. dominos.com and return that application to 588-A Bailey Road, Lumberton.

For more information about applying for one of the positions available, including assistant managers, delivery experts, and customer service representatives, please call 321-848-3182.




Located in southeastern North Carolina, St. Pauls is perfectly situated to access many major carrier routes across North America. St. Pauls is located at the intersections of Interstate I-95, US Highway 301, NC 20, and near NC 87. It is 50 miles south of I-40 and 68 miles north of I-20.

Major cities close to St. Pauls include Fayetteville, NC just 15 miles to the north, home to Fort Bragg, the 82nd Airborne and the Special Forces Command, Lumberton, NC just 11 miles to the south, Raleigh, NC 90 minutes away, Charlotte, NC just 3 hours away, Florence, SC just an hour away, and the coastal cities of Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC just 90 minutes away.

Nearby attractions include sites along the Historic Lumber River, the golf headquarters of the southeast at Pinehurst, NC, the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC, beaches less than 90 minutes away including Myrtle Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC, and of course the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway about 4 hours drive away.

Going to court doesn’t necessarily mean going to Lumberton

Hardly anyone likes to go to court, but at least going to court here in St. Pauls is convenient.

There are several options to resolve a legal problem for area residents. These include District Court, Magistrate’s Court and the ability to pay off a local citation at the Magistrate’s office inside the Police Department.

District Court is held in the District Courtroom, located in the Municipal Building on W. Blue Street, on the second and fourth Thursday, usually beginning at about 9:30.

Additional court dates can be docketed according to the senior judge’s  schedule.

You can learn more about District Court, which is scheduled by the Robeson County Clerk of Courts office, by calling the Clerk at 910-671-3000, the District Attorney’s office at 910-272-5910, or by going on-line at nccourts.org and identifying Robeson.

Magistrates’ Court is smaller and less formal, and is held inside the Magistrate’s office at the SPPD. Magistrate Shirley McMillan hears civil cases, including small claims. Magistrate’s Court is held on the second and fourth Thursdays beginning at 8:30 a.m. If you would like to pay off a citation issued by a SPPD officer, you must do so at least three days prior to your court date.   

Going to court might not be the easiest thing on your schedule, but it is made easier by locations right here in St. Pauls.

St. Pauls is seeing an increase in business activity

St. Pauls is currently experiencing a sudden and welcome economic uptick, with several new businesses choosing to locate here.

The depressed national and state economies of the past few years trickled down and affected municipalities of all sizes and especially small towns like St. Pauls, stymieing growth and development for several years.  But that is changing and changing rapidly, resulting in St. Pauls seeing new economic activity all across the community.

St. Pauls will welcome an approximately 42,000 sq. ft. Neighborhood Market, a Walmart grocery and pharmacy, very soon. The store, located near McDonald’s just off W. Broad Street, is set to open in mid-December. The office that was set up to take applications in a downtown storefront has closed and the business office is now in the Market. The new entrance into the store, between McDonald’s and the Days Inn Motel, is nearing completion, thus alleviating some traffic congestion necessitated by the building project.

A Fayetteville-based pediatrician’s office is currently renovating and adapting the former Tar Heel Diabetic Supply building on E. Broad Street. This new professional practice will fill a big void in care for young patients and is expected to serve a large geographical area.

For those who love pizza to go, there will be two new options in St. Pauls soon. Pizza Hut is readying to occupy one of the four bays that will comprise a new business center on S. Fifth Street, beside the brand new Auto Zone. The Auto Zone has transformed the area, replacing a former carwash on its site.  The new development, being called Fifth Street Shoppes, will further rejuvenate the S. Fifth Street corridor, one of the major entrances into town.

And further down Fifth Street, in the Cedar Plaza shopping center anchored by the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, Domino’s Pizza has begun converting one of the vacant spaces into a take-out pizza restaurant.  Tailgating just got easier in St. Pauls with not one but two new eateries.

Along Broad Street, in the Central Business District, a new specialty shop, AZ Accessories will open in the building that formerly housed Petal Pushers. This shop was for a time open just west of the new location and returns to St. Pauls by popular demand.

All of these developments bode well for the future of St. Pauls, and in part because they could mean more development to come. Stay tuned and watch as St. Pauls continues to grow and prosper.

Stirling McKelvie had an idea for her required Senior Project at St. Pauls High School. But it included replacing an existing, faded mural on the public library’s rear wall with a mural of her own design. The Town government owns the library  building, so the red tape began, but, undaunted, she set to work to wade through it. The first  obstacle to overcome was to get permission from the Town for the art project, then the second was securing the materials needed for it. Then she had to prime the wall, a pretty big project in and of itself. So the SPHS JROTC cadets, led by Moises De Dios Perez, stepped up and pitched in to help Stirling get the wall prepared for her artistic touch. On a recent  Saturday morning, art students partnered with the JROTC cadets to get the art project underway. Not only did the cadets prime the wall for Stirling, they also pressure washed the library fence. Stirling will install her downtown masterpiece soon, made possible by the Town, the JROTC, the library board of directors and fellow art students under the supervision of art instructor Joy McGugan.

As the weather finally and mercifully cools, and as the leaves take on the brilliant shades and hues of rich color, Autumn is reflected and welcomed along St. Pauls Broad Street by bright mums peering from the large planters lining the busy thoroughfare.
The chrysanthemums were planted ahead of the St. Pauls High School Homecoming Parade, which will roll down Broad on Friday, October 17 at 4 p.m., and ahead of the two Downtown Night Out events. The first of these free, season ending street parties is set for Saturday, October 11 and will feature a classic car cruise-in, vendors and music and food. The second Night Out is The Big One, a Halloween celebration that will take place on Saturday evening, November 1. Everyone is invited to suit up and come on down for this annual event that draws several thousand kids of all ages to St. Pauls’ wide and welcoming Broad Street.
The mums, which were purchased from the SPHS FFA Chapter, help beautify and season-ify the town’s main east-west thoroughfare. They are joined in the Autumn celebration by the colourful banners that adorn the street from utility poles lining Broad from Fifth Street to Burlington Drive. The combined effect creates interest, liveliness and vitality in our downtown, which remains the heartbeat of this community.
The flowers were purchased by the Town and planted by St. Pauls’ closest thing to a superhero, Joann Madore, aka “The Plant Lady,” who lovingly placed them in the large pots lining Broad Street. Once she has them planted, the nearby storeowners are responsible for watering them and keeping the pots attractive. Seasonal flowers are also planted in the urns at the Jane Hall Hylton Pavilion, which is not only a place of respite but also the hub of the Downtown Night Out activities.
The flowers and banners and interest in our Broad Street have made us take a pause, caused us to look around and realize what a treasure we have in St. Pauls, out well-loved and much-used central business district—our heart.

With Christmas practically around the corner, the end of the year is coming quickly.

This means many things, and one of these is the approaching deadline for paying town taxes without penalty.

You can pay your city taxes through January 5, 2015 without the addition of late fees or interest being added. The interest fees are .75% of the total amount due, and they are added monthly.

So if you pay before then, you will save yourself some money and help the Town acquire some of its projected and budgeted income.

Please remember that you can pay your tax bill in installments if that suits your budget.

Taxes can be paid at Town Hall, 210 W. Blue Street or mailed to Post Office Box 364, St. Pauls, NC 28384. If you have questions or concerns about your tax bill, please contact Town Hall at 910-865-5164.

The Town of St. Pauls has recently initiated a new fee schedule, effective July 1, 2014.
The rent of the Dr. R. E. Hooks Community Center (Community House) was increased from $100 to $200 per day for non-residents of the corporate limits of St. Pauls.  The rental of the facility remains unchanged for town residents. Rental of the Civic Center (Scout Hut) also remains unchanged at $75 per day.
Yard sale permits have increased from $10 to $15. Residents are allowed to have six yard sales per year per address. Yard sales must be held in the yard of a residence. They are not permitted at businesses or on empty lots.
Sign permits now cost $50 for those signs under 25 square feet; $50 for attached signs and $25 for directory signs. There is no change for the cost of a sign over 40 square feet ($175).
The cost to connect to the water and sewer system for renters of homes or businesses is now $125. The rate for owners is unchanged at $75.
The charge to reconnect water service once it has been disconnected for non-payment or returned check is now $35.
Water taps inside the corporate limits for 3/4 inch pipe is now $550. Water taps one inch or larger are installed at cost.
Sewer taps inside the corporate limits are $650. Taps over four inches or more are installed at cost.
Water charges are as follows: first 2000 gallons-$12; 2001-5000 gallons-$2.75 per 1000; over 5001 gallons-$3.00 per 1000.
Sewer charges are as follows: first 2000 gallons-$20; 2001-5000 gallons-$1.95 per 1000; over 5001 gallons-$2.20 per 1000.
The tax rate is now .65 per $100 valuation. 
All other charges, including returned checks, zoning permit fees, garbage collection,special fire tax, fire inspection, mobile home inspection etc. remain unchanged.
For more information about these fees, please call Town Hall at 910-865-5164.
The Town of St. Pauls’ new fiscal year began on July 1st, and it brings with it some changes that will affect residents and property owners.
The St. Pauls Board of Commissioners approved a tax rate increase and two increases in service fees in June, when it adopted the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget, and those increases are now in effect.
Tax rate
The tax rate for property inside the St. Pauls corporate limits was increased from 60 cents to 65 cents per $100 valuation beginning this tax year. St. Pauls has not had a property tax increase in several years prior to this one and the adjustment is necessary to balance the budget.
Residents and property owners received their tax bills from the Robeson County Tax Department this month, and those taxes are now due. Property owners have until early January to pay in full before any interest is added monthly.
Property owners can make installments on their county tax bills, as well as on their St. Pauls tax bills.
St. Pauls property owners should receive their tax notices in early September.
The Town of St. Pauls bases its valuations on information provided by Robeson County, and prepares tax notices once that information is received.
If you have any questions about valuations, please call the Robeson County Tax Department at 671-3060.
Water and Sewer increases
Residents have already noticed the increases in their monthly water and sewer charges. The cost of each service was upped $1, and these increases were reflected in monthly bills beginning in July.
Again, these small increases were necessary to offset the increasing and considerable costs of providing water and in treating wastewater 24 hours per day, seven days per week 365 days per year.
The Town of St. Pauls strives to be a good steward of taxpayers’ money, while also striving to provide the best services possible.  
If you questions or concerns, please call Town Hall at 910-865-5164. 
The hot weather, tempered somewhat by afternoon showers and thunderstorms, has brought flowers and abundant vegetables to St. Pauls yards and gardens. But along with those desirable plants, the Summer weather has also brought some very undesirable plants--weeds--and has caused the grass to thrive.
The Town of St. Pauls gently tries to encourage those residents who do not take time or pride in their yards to at least meet the minimum standards, and has ordinances in place to address such things as unkempt yards and overgrown lots, litter and household debris, and furniture (such as sofas), designed for indoor use only, on porches. These ordinances are available elsewhere on this website.
St. Pauls also retains a Code Enforcement Officer, whose job it is to make sure that everyone does his or her best to make their property as neat and as attractive as possible.
Tina Odom, St. Pauls' Code Enforcement Officer, acts upon information about unkempt yards and other violations mainly from neighbors, but also from police officers, businesses, Public Works Department employees, Town Commissioners and many other people. 
Once the Code Enforcement Officer receives information, or complaint or inquiry, about a yard that is overgrown or not being tended, the Officer visits the property and ascertains whether it is in compliance or not. If it is, then no action needs be taken.
If a yard or property is deemed to be out of compliance with Town standards, then a courtesy letter is sent and the owner is given ample opportunity to clean it up and bring it up to standards. If that is not done, then a $50 fine can be levied. If that fine is not paid, then the Town will clean the property and place a lien on it, a lien that could eventually lead to foreclosure of the property.
The easiest course of action on the part of a resident is to simply keep the grass cut, keep the weeds down and make sure the property is clean.
That course of action also insures that St. Pauls will look its best, and be safest, as flowers and veggies grace our Southern Summer.afest, when the flowers of Spring serve as a colorful gateway to Summer.

4th of July 2014 Fireworks!

Report An Issue

You may now Report an Issue using our online system.  This is for general, non-emergency problems or issues only.  You can report your issues HERE

Public Notice - Recycling Change

Plastics recycling schedules change

Those bright blue cans used for recycling plastics should be filled and rolled to the curb on the third Wednesday of every second month after a schedule change was approved by the Town Board.

Previously, plastics were recycled on the third Wednesday of every month, but due to lack of participation and the expense of transporting loads of plastics to be recycled to South Carolina, the pick-up was cut back to every other month.

Please note this change with a handy reminder posted on your refrigerator or wherever you calendar your schedules.

The dates for pickup of plastics to be recycled are as follows:  Wednesday, December 17. The first pickup in 2015 will be on the third Wednesday in February and continue every other month after that.  Please remember to put your blue can (hopefully, full of plastic) on the curb the night prior to the pick up date, to make sure your can is emptied by the Public Works Department.

Public Events

RRC adult education classes in St. Pauls!

Robeson Community College now has classrooms here in St. Pauls at the auditorium building on the Middle School campus. RCC is holding Adult Education classes each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 to 9 pm.

For more info, please call RCC at (910) 272-3607, 272-3680 or 272-3608.

English as a Second Language classes are now being held free of charge by Robeson Community College at St. Pauls Presbyterian Church each Saturday from 9 am until noon. Free family child care is also provided during these classes. For more information, please call RCC at 910-272-3607, 910-272-3680 or 910- 272-3608.

The NCDMV mobile driver’s license van comes to town on Thursday of the second full week in the month. Upcoming schedule: August 14, September 11, October 16, November 13, and December 11. Hours are 9 am until 3 pm.

SRMC presents exercises each Tuesday and Thursday at the Dr. R. E. Hooks Community Center. The schedule: Line Dancing, every Tuesday from 9 to 10 am and again that evening from 6 to 7 pm. Zumba classes are held each Thursday from 6 to 7 pm. Chair aerobics are held Thursday mornings from 9 to 10 am. For more information, please contact SRMC or just show up to register. 

Halloween Extra!

Community’s praise flash mob to highlight Downtown celebration

Call it trick-or-treat or trunk-or-treat, Halloween always comes to St. Pauls in a big way, and this year the special celebration of Fall brings with it an even bigger reason to be downtown on Saturday, November 1st.

A flash mob, consisting of members of area churches, will perform a spirited praise song, accompanied by appropriate choreography, on Broad Street at 5:30 p.m., just ahead of the candy giveaway, which begins at 6 and runs through 8 p.m.

The Halloween version of the Downtown Night Out is always the biggest one of the year, which it closes out with a bang. But this one is not to be missed. A great deal of work and rehearsal has gone into this praise performance, so please be on Broad Street for it and then stick around for some spirted fun.

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Phone Numbers:

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