North Carolina's Undercount in the 2020 Census -State faces losing $74 billion over the next dec

The 2020 Census is at a critical point. North Carolina is severely under counted with only a few weeks left. Our rural areas are especially behind.

Our state--the 4th fastest growing and 9th largest--will lose $7.4 billion in funding with our current count. The consequences of that will be felt far into the future. This isn't abstract money--these are your tax dollars, already paid and collected. If we don't lay claim to it through a proper count, it will go elsewhere.

This will be felt most locally, in your hometowns: roads, schools, emergency services, veterans services, senior care, early education programs, parks, infrastructure, economic development, and on and on. Imagine where N.C. can be in 10 years with that additional, much-earned $74 billion. Imagine where we may be without it.

For more information on North Carolina's precarious position, read Carolina Demography's article "N.C.'s Current 2020 Census Response is Concerning."

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