Public Notices

Annual Water Quality Reporting


The North Carolina Clean Water Act of 1999 requires that each owner or operator of any wastewater treatment plant or wastewater collection system to provide an annual performance report to its users and customers.

The Town of St. Pauls owns our wastewater collection system and the wastewater treatment facility located at 601 South Elizabeth Street. A copy of the Town’s 2017 performance report can be obtained at the St. Pauls Town Office, 210 West Blue Street, St. Pauls, NC or visit our website at

The public is invited to pick up a copy of this report or, if there are any questions surrounding this 2017 report, to contact the St. Pauls Town Office at 910-865-5164.

NC Guardian ad Litem Program

The NC Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program connects deserving children in the foster care system with area volunteers who become representatives for the children in the court system.  GAL volunteers get to know their child and their home-life situation and then represent the child’s best interest in court. GALs become voices for our children during times of change and uncertainty and play an important role in understanding the child’s best interests. 
Please watch this brief video expressing our program’s mission. 
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me or the program at 910-671-3077 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information please visit our web site at . 

National Kidney Foundation: KEEP Healthy Kidney Screening

This year the National Kidney Foundation is hosting a free KEEP Healthy Kidney Screening at Second New Light Baptist Church on June 3rd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

KEEP Healthy is the National Kidney Foundation’s frontline effort against kidney disease. In local communities across the country, KEEP Healthy provides quick tests and assesses risk factors and early signs of kidney damage. During the screening, patients receive education about ways to keep their kidneys healthy and reduce risk. This is one of NKF’s signature programs and the most immediate way we fight kidney disease and help our constituents.

Date: June 3, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Second New Light Baptist Church (3225 Purdie Hall Rd., St. Pauls, NC 28384)
Contact Information: Katheryn Cipriani 704-519-0020 x 625 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Annual Christmas Parade

St. Pauls Chamber of Commerce presents the 60th annual Christmas parade. The theme for this year is “Sparkles of Christmas” Saturday December 3rd at 3:00 p.m. Line up for parade is 1:30



To: All interested Agencies, Groups and Individuals

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hereby gives notice that it has conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order 11988 in accordance with FEMA regulations at 44 CFR §§ 9.7, 9.9 and 9.13 to determine the effect of placing FEMA-provided manufactured housing units (MHUs) on commercial and private sites, which may be located in or affect a floodplain if it is determined by FEMA that there are no practicable alternatives to doing so.

Under major disaster declaration FEMA 4285-DR-NC signed by the President on October 10, 2016, as amended, FEMA is authorized to provide direct temporary housing assistance under the Individual and Households Program (IHP) for the Counties of Columbus, Edgecombe, Lenoir, Robeson and Wayne. FEMA intends to provide direct temporary housing assistance to disaster survivors/applicants in these five counties by placing FEMA-provided (MHUs) on commercial and private sites.

FEMA has evaluated the alternatives to placing FEMA-provided MHUs in the floodplain and has determined that it has no practicable alternative to doing so. FEMA has considered the following significant factors in making this determination:

The speedy provision of temporary housing (in other words, how quickly can a mobile home unit be provided and ready for occupancy?);
The potential flood risk to the temporary MHU occupants (in other words, how severe is the threat of flooding during the projected occupancy period);
The cost effectiveness (in other words, are the life-cycle costs of the alternatives more or less expensive than a MHU?);
The social and neighborhood patterns (in other words, which solution presents the least disruption to the community?);
The timely availability of other housing resources (in other words, the speed with which an alternative can be provided compared to the timeliness with which a MHU can be provided?); and
The potential harm to the floodplain (in other words, which alternatives have the least impact on the floodplain?).

FEMA has considered the following temporary housing alternatives:

Providing transitional sheltering assistance in the form of direct payments to hotels;
Providing financial assistance to displaced survivors for renting existing temporary housing units;
Providing housing to displaced survivors in the form of existing multifamily rental or commercial properties outside of the floodplain; and
Placing MHUs on commercial or private sites located outside of the floodplain.

Any FEMA-provided MHU that will be placed in a floodplain will be anchored and elevated to the level necessary to comply with the requirements established by the jurisdiction. Placement of MHUs in a floodplain will comply with all applicable floodplain management standards. In cases where the best information available to FEMA indicates that more stringent elevation levels, those beyond the locally mandated elevation requirements, are prudent, these elevation levels will be used. FEMA’s placement of the MHUs will be done in a manner intended to minimize harm to or within the floodplain and the potential adverse impacts of doing so.

At the same time that the Revocable License for a MHU is signed and in no event later than the time of occupancy, FEMA will provide health and safety, evacuation, right-of-entry and personal property information/advisories to any individuals/households that will be temporarily housed in a MHU in a floodplain.

The placement of MHUs in the floodplain will have no significant impact on the floodplain for the following reasons:

The placement of the MHUs is temporary and following the removal of the mobile home units, the sites will be restored to as near as practicable to the pre-placement condition of such sites;
The placement of the MHUs will involve only minimal ground-disturbing activities; and
FEMA will implement and monitor the placement of the MHUs to ensure that there is full compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local requirements.

Maps of the affected areas are available for public inspection upon request made to the FEMA official at the location set forth below.

Written comments must be received within three (3) calendar days of the date of this notice at the address set forth below or via email. Interested persons may obtain further information about these actions by contacting FEMA in writing at the address set forth below or via email.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Joint Field Office
2224 E NC Highway 54
Durham, North Carolina, 27713-2208
Attention: Chelsea Klein
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(919) 316-7000

SouthEastern Fitness Line Dancing!

Southeastern Fitness is now only offering line dancing at 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Tuesday.  Both of the Thursday classes are gone for the present. Please adjust accordingly.

RCC Adult Education Classes

Robeson Community College is now offering its adult education classes at St. Pauls High School. The classes are designed to assist adults with acquiring their GED or high school diploma.  If remedial work is needed in math or language arts, that assistance is available.

New Jobs Listings!

There are some NEW JOB LISTINGS available for the general public.  Please review them using the link at the top left of the page, or visit our Important Notices midway down the main page!

English As A 2nd Language Classes



Unfortunately, the English Second language course has been removed as attendance dropped off too far to maintain it.  We will make an effort to restart it later

SRMC Excercise Programs

SRMC presents exercises each Tuesday and Thursday at the Dr. R. E. Hooks Community Center. The schedule: Line Dancing, every Tuesday from 9 to 10 am and again that evening from 6 to 7 pm. Zumba classes are held each Thursday from 6 to 7 pm. Chair aerobics are held Thursday mornings from 9 to 10 am. For more information, please contact SRMC or just show up to register.