Sec. 26-181. - Appointment; costs of arbitration.

A hearing board shall be appointed as needed for arbitration of differences between the town administrator and sewer users on matters concerning interpretation and execution of the provisions of this article by the town administrator. The cost of the arbitration will be divided equally between the town and the sewer user.

(Ord. of 3-13-86, art. IX, § 1)

Cross reference— Administration, ch. 2.

Sec. 26-182. - Composition.

One member of the hearing board shall be a registered professional engineer; one member shall be a practicing sanitary engineer; one member shall be a representative of industry of manufacturing enterprise; one member shall be a lawyer; and one member shall be selected at large for his interest in accomplishing the objectives of this article.

(Ord. of 3-13-86, art. IX, § 2)

Secs. 26-183—26-190. - Reserved.