Sec. 8-101. - Prohibited.

The practice of going in and upon private residences in the town by solicitors, peddlers, hawkers, itinerant merchants or transient vendors of merchandise, not having been requested or invited so to do by the owners or occupants of such private residences, for the purpose of soliciting orders for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise or disposing of or peddling or hawking goods, wares and merchandise is declared to be a nuisance and punishable as a misdemeanor.

(Ord. of 9-12-91)

Sec. 8-102. - Exemptions.


Charitable organizations. The requirements of this article shall not apply to any charitable organization qualifying as a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or organized under G.S. ch. 55A as a nonprofit corporation, or any persons acting under the sponsorship and aegis of such charitable organization, if at least 60 percent of the net proceeds of such activity go to such charitable organization. This exemption shall be contingent upon the charitable organization providing the town administrator written notice of the commencement date of such activity.


Sales or solicitation of orders for foodstuffs. Nothing contained in this article shall apply to the sale or the solicitation of orders for the sale of milk, vegetables, fruit, poultry, eggs or other farm products.

(Ord. of 9-12-91)

Secs. 8-103—8-120. - Reserved.


(14) Cross reference— Streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 22. (Back)

(14) State Law reference— Authority to regulate solicitation campaigns, flea markets and itinerant merchants, G.S. 160A-178. (Back)