Sec. 14-1. - False alarms.

It shall be unlawful for any person to give any false alarm of fire; provided, that this section shall not be construed as applying to the act of carrying on any form of practice by the fire department.

(Code 1974, § 6-2)

State law reference— Giving false alarms, G.S. 14-286.

Sec. 14-2. - Destroying, interfering with, etc., equipment of fire department.

No person shall move, destroy, mutilate, alter or injure or in any other way interfere with any equipment belonging to the fire department or any fire hydrant or other fire equipment of the town; provided, that this shall not be construed to apply to any member of the department in the regular use of such equipment in the discharge of his duty.

(Code 1974, § 6-1)

Sec. 14-3. - Unauthorized riding on fire department trucks.

No person other than a regularly enrolled member of the fire department or policeman shall mount or ride any fire truck without the permission of the fire chief or officer in charge.

(Code 1974, § 6-3)

Cross reference— Traffic and vehicles, ch. 24.

Secs. 14-4—14-30. - Reserved.