Sec. 14-31. - Creation; appointment of chief; appointment, removal, etc., of other members.


The board of commissioners shall create a fire department by electing some competent person as chief of the fire department and vesting in him the power to choose such assistants as he may need from among those eligible for membership in the department.


The board of commissioners shall reserve the power to limit the number of members in the fire department to such number as it may deem sufficient, and to pass on and approve or disapprove any application for membership which shall be presented by the chief, and to release any person or discharge any member that they shall for any reason believe to be unqualified for the position in any way.

(Code 1974, § 6-5)

Sec. 14-32. - Membership—Application for; release from.


All persons wishing to become members of the fire department shall file their applications with the chief, who shall keep a record of the applications, and in the case of a vacancy shall consider the list of applicants in their order and recommend to the board of commissioners the appointment of some new person to fill such vacancy.


Any member wishing to be released from membership in the fire department shall file his resignation with the chief of the department, who shall present such resignation to the board for their action. The chief shall then immediately notify such party of the action of the board. Each member shall be and remain a member under this article and shall be responsible for the discharge of the duties of a regular member until he has received notice from the chief that the board has accepted his resignation.

(Code 1974, § 6-6)

Sec. 14-33. - Same—Compensation; insurance.


Each volunteer member of the fire department shall receive the current compensation for each call answered; provided, that he is on time and goes out with the captain or the assistant captain of the company or is on the ground and ready for service upon the arrival of the truck.


The town shall carry a regular firefighter's accident insurance policy covering injuries that occur while on duty in an amount to be established from time to time by resolution of the board of commissioners and kept on file in the town clerk's office for each person, subject to the conditions of a regular firefighter's policy.

(Code 1974, § 6-7)

Sec. 14-34. - Authority during fire.

In the event of fire, all the members of the fire department shall be clothed with the full power of special police. The department may, under the direction of the chief or any other officer in charge, have power during a fire to establish and maintain such fire limits and lines as may be deemed necessary, and no person shall cross or in any other way violate or disregard such lines or limits when established.

(Code 1974, § 6-8)

Sec. 14-35. - Authority to summon aid from other municipalities.

In the case of such fires as would tend to injure the town or any considerable portion thereof, the fire department shall have power and authority to make such arrangements as are necessary to procure aid from some other city or town.

(Code 1974, § 6-9)

Sec. 14-36. - Powers and duties of chief.

In addition to any other duties placed on the chief of the fire department by state law, the chief of the fire department shall have the following duties:


To render reports to the board of commissioners as demanded by the mayor or a majority of the board members.


To keep a record of each fire, giving the date, location, value of the property involved and the damage done in such fire.


To see that the equipment is properly housed and the truck kept in a place where freezing can be avoided. The truck shall be kept in working order at all times.

(Code 1974, § 6-10)

State law reference— Duties of fire chief, G.S. 160A-292.

Secs. 14-37—14-55. - Reserved.


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(25) State Law reference— Authority to appoint firefighters, G.S. 160A-291. (Back)